Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bairnsdale Station Building Part 2

Late yesterday and into the evening I assembled the mock up of the station. The purpose is two fold, first to check the dimensions and assembly concept for the station building. Second to see how it fits on the module, and if any compromises need to be made.

Here is a picture from the rail side showing the approximate locations of the yard tracks and the station. The van goods building is in the extreme right, then the deep parcels office. The parcel office fits, just!

Here is a picture from road side.

And finally an overall view.

I need to do some minor adjustments, and complete the road side window layout, at almost 30 cm long it is an imposing station!

The mock up has achieved its purpose and now fewer mistakes will be made on the finished product.

Now need to mock up the goods shed... the space on the module will be full!

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