Most of the buildings in the yard are much the same today as they were in the late 70's/80's that I'm looking to depict. This will make the modelling easier... The station will be the biggest challenge!

Station Building
Eternally the station building hasn't changed much over the years.

Station looking West - Rob Carpenter 2009
It hasn't changed too much since 1910!
Museum Victoria
Mock Up of station

Mid 1990's Rob Carpenter

Goods Shed
The good shed was added to over the years, however it remained as it is today from around the late 1970's

Goods Shed looking SW - Rob Carpenter 2009
Mid 1990's - Rob Carpenter

Freight Gate
In about 1976 a large steel open sided building approved. It was erected late 1977 or during 1978 and located immediately west of the goods shed. I believe this was part of the Freight Gate initiative. An amenities building was added to the west end of the goods shed as part of this redevelopment.

Dec 1978 Freight Gate built

Pivot Fertiliser Shed
The white building in on the middle left side of the picture was the Pivott fertiliser building. Not sure yet when it was built, it was certainly there in 1977. Photos from the 1960's (see the stockyard photos below) shows that fertiliser was being unloaded here, however no building. Immediately beyond it was where the stockyards were.  

Taken in 1977 this pictute shows the Pivott shed

Cattle and sheep sales were held weekly, on a Thursday I believe. Animals were loaded onto the trains and taken west for slaughter. These photos from Peter Vincent in the early 1960's show the yards, and in the second one the open area where fertiliser was unloaded and the Pivott building above, later erected.

Pedestrian Footbridge
The footbridge was built in 1964 and was a great spot to take photos east and west.

Timber Siding/Gantry Crane
The Gantry crane was added to the siding in 1956. In 1960 the siding was extended. 1961 saw the track slewed to the north (right side of the photo) so loading wouldn't compromise the main line.

Departmental Residences
There are numerous departmental residences built. In addition over time others were relocated from Bumberrah (1945), Nowa Nowa (1965) and Rosedale (1967). We will need to build some of them... maybe just the backyards.

There are numerous smaller buildings, in particular at the east end of the yard, I will document these as time goes on.

Bairnsdale Wharf Line
I'd like to do the wharf line... however it was pulled up in the 1950's. It served the wharf, a briquette supplier and the butter factory.  The steamship is the "SS Gippsland" and the photo was taken in the 1920's.

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