Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bairnsdale station Building Part 1

Well I've finished doing the first draft of the Bairnsdale station building. I drew the artwork up in Corel Draw from plans and photos, then scaled it then print out in N scale. From there I will paste to styrene and cut it out.

I'm finding the building more complicated history wise than I thought, so I've done a preliminary print, which I'll assemble as a mock up to help visualise the station area and the building so I can make a better (Final?)one. The file at the moment is the rail side facade x2 and the sides and ends for the station itself and the parcels office and attached van goods.

I need to do etchings for the canopy, windows and doors.

Off to start assembly!

Of and the points arrived today... but need to finish off some other modules first.



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