Saturday, December 17, 2011

Modules built

Well thanks to my dad who works well under supervision :) all the modules are now complete. Bairnsdale is basically flat, with only a little relief for some open drains

Two modules feature 12mm decks, 6mm sides and the 19mm "FormPly" ends. The ends are cut down so that the 12mm deck runs the entire length of the module. The deck and ends are reduced in width so that the 6mm side is flush with the top of the deck and will present a smooth finish. The plan was to lay the track direct to the deck, however I've just realised I've stuffed up by 3mm, so I either need to add a 3mm roadbed on top of the 12mm, or just add 3mm to the bottom of the end plates to raise them... Will think more.

The third module has a 9mm deck, in part because I wanted a 3mm roadbed, and part because I was trying to utilise the ply I have been collecting for years, rather than buy more! It will now need a 6mm roadbed.

Anyway here is the picture of the modules in the shed, Bairnsdale will be 3.6m long, the traverser yard is 1.2m and the corner modules 900 square.

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